Writing Services

Have a writing project that needs some help? Know exactly what you want the piece to say but are having trouble figuring out how to say it? Finally finished with getting it all down on the page and now can’t stomach the idea of going back through it searching for typos?

We have faced all of those problems and can help you overcome them.

MoonHill Productions is proud to offer the services of Richard Moon, our resident writer, to help you get your script, story, or novel, into fit and firm shape for whatever your needs might be.

This isn’t just another “coverage-mill”, ready to tell you what they think the studios want and it’s not a 24-hour-turnaround “editing” offer that will slash your story to the bone. We aren’t interested in re-writing your script or fitting the story into some cookie-cutter formula that we think is best. Our one and only priority is to help you get your story into the shape that you want it to be.


Our Services:

Analysis : More in-depth and substantive than ordinary coverage, MHP’s Analysis delves into the strengths and weaknesses of your script or story, including such areas as character and voice, structure, format, dialogue and description, and overall tone. In addition, since MHP’s analysis comes from both the writer’s perspective as well as that of a seasoned producer, our analysis can help find exactly where to concentrate the budget within the story, and allow the script to get the biggest story-telling bangs for each production-budget buck.

Formatting :  We can make any screenplay fit all the industry-standard conventions of scene identification, character introduction, transition and spacing, no matter how the script was originally produced.

Software Transcription : MSWord, Final Draft, MMScreenwriter, Fountain, Highland, SimpleText, etc, whatever your story is written in, chances are someone wants the file in a different program. Let us run through the headache of getting all these different formats to talk to one another for you. For one simple price we can transcribe any script from any original format into a desired output, complete with a diligent check-over for and correction of import errors or oddities.

Proofreading : After months of editing and rewriting to get the story just right, finding all the typos and formatting errors can be an exercise in futility for a writer. To ensure your script has the most professional and polished look, our proofreading service will find all those annoying hold-outs and missed grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors, to ensure that your script has the most professional and polished look. For a nominal extra fee, we’ll even implement all of the corrections into your script for you.

Synopsis / Logline / Treatment : Even if you’ve got the perfect 100-page script in- hand, condensing it all down into the perfect 2-line sales pitch can be a nightmare. We’ll provide you with 2-3 loglines, a short synopsis, and a 1-3 page treatment, all in one convenient package. Each product will be aimed at the best way to catch the eye of producers and potential viewers.


Our prices are competitive with other script services companies and are also flexible. Rather than charge the same flat fee whether your project is 30 pages or 120, we customize our price to your page-count. With each service starting as low as $1 per page, whatever your project, our price can fit your needs.

For all inquiries and questions, email scripts@moonhillproductions.com
However, PLEASE DON’T SEND YOUR PROJECT until after we’ve had a chance to talk to you.


How can you know you can trust your project with me?

Richard Moon is an award-winning screenwriter with over a decade of experience in the industry as a Writer and a Producer. Richard’s accolades include being a finalist in the AAA Screenplay Competition, Silver Medal in the PAGE Screenwriting Awards, First Place and Official Finalist at the California Film Awards Screenplay Competition, Top Ten at the FirstGlance Films Screenplay Competition, Best Family/Children, Best Sci-Fi, Best Comedy Scene, and Best Collaboration at the Action On Film Screenplay Competition, Best Short Script at the Eerie Horror Fest, and the first feature Richard wrote and produced, “Driving By Braille”, won Best Produced Screenplay and Excellence in Film at the Action On Film International Film Festival, and the Golden Ace Award at the Las Vegas Film Festival.

Richard is represented by Cavaleri & Associates.

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