THE DISCONNECTED (2017 - 2018)

Directed by Stev Elam

"Telempathy" combines the connectivity of smart phones with the ease of thought, but when a madman highjacks the network to use innocent victims to commit crimes, only the cop that refuses to connect can take him down.

Starring: yasiin bey
Genre: Sci Fi Cop Thriller
Length: Feature
Production Company: MoonHill Productions



Directed by Preston Peterson & Jason Boesch

Three stories, examining what it means to live, rather than exist,
set in the rural landscape of West Virginia.

The Samaritan: Two hunters must make a life altering decision when they witness a murder in the remote woods of West Virginia.

Father & Son: A young D.C. lobbyist returns to his hometown in rural West Virginia for what may be a final confrontation with his dying father.

The Mayor: Accompanied by a young student on Career Day, the Mayor of a small West Virginia town goes about his usual duties and discovers elements of potential corruption.

Starring: Peter Van Norden, William L Thomas, John T. Woods, Meagan English
Original Score: Chris Thomas
Genre: Drama
Length: 90 min
Production Company: MoonHill Productions & Smoking Bear Pictures

Website: www.westvirginiastoriesmovie.com

MY KRAZY EX (2014)

Directed by Adam Bain

Bartenders hear all the best stories.  Pete is no different.  Know as the "Bartender Shrink”, Pete leads us through wacky tales of Krazy Ex's in this hilarious web series inspired by real life stories.

Genre:  Comedy, Web Series
Production Companies: ABCQ Productions & MoonHill Productions

SALVAGE (2013)

Directed by Stev Elam

The award winning documentary, Salvage, takes a look at the women of Los Angeles' Skid Row, and their struggles with homelessness, abuse, and addiction. With the assistance of the Union Rescue Mission, we get a special glimpse into the unique challenges that lead these women and their families into their current circumstances including how URM, the transitional housing facility Hope Gardens, and the women themselves, are working to overcome them. Each story is as varied as the women themselves and shows the different ways that they are salvaging their lives.
Original Score: Zain Effendi
Genre: Documentary, Homelessness, Women’s Issues
Length: 35 Min
Production Company: MoonHill Productions


Directed by Stev Elam

At an elementary school split between two feuding populations, a young boy and a young girl discover that they've got much more in common than they've been lead to believe. The only thing standing in their way is the same thing dividing the whole school: He's a zombie, and She's a vampire.

Starring: Kai Whitaker, Madeline Moon, Michael Dorn, Mackenzie Astin, Eve Mauro, Daniel Bernhardt, Nicole C. Zeoli, Glenn Keogh,  Dominic Burgess, Angel Reda

Original Score: Zain Effendi
Original Song“Friends”: Katey Laurel and Carina Norlund
Genre: Family/Children, Fantasy
Length: 35 min
Production Company: MoonHill Productions

Website: zombeoandjuliecula.com


Directed by Kristina Lloyd

After the man of her dreams pops the question, a young woman afraid of commitment has to deal with bad advice from her friends and her tragic family history.

Starring: Tammin Sursok, Ryan Eggold, Steven Bauer, Finola Hughes, Manu Intiraymi, Andrea Marcovicci, Michael Woods, Mary Alexandra Stiefvater

Genre:    Romantic Comedy/Drama
Length:   95 min
Production Company: MoonHill Productions


Directed by Stan Harrington

Laid off and desperate, Henry Smalls fights for his connection to the remains of his life.  Adapted from the award winning play “Small Days” by Tim McNeil.

Starring: Stan Harrington, Tim McNeil, Angela Oakenfold
Genre: Drama, Adaptation
Length: 75 min
Production Companies: Xristos Productions & MoonHill Productions

APRIL (2010)

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 1.20.47 AM.png

Directed by Mike Piccalilli

Starting at a new high school can feel like the greatest challenge to a teenage girl. Not fitting in can feel like the end of the world. Now imagine doing it as one of the walking dead!

Starring: Kallie Kerns, Sarah Buehler, Betsy Baker, Kurt Cole, Crystal Rivers, Ronnie Alvarez

Genre: Short film, Mocumentary, Horror, Comedy
Length: 22min
Production Companies: PicFlick Films & MoonHill Productions




Director: TBD

A grizzled asteroid miner heads to the outskirts of civilization in search of a new beginning, and finds love, betrayal, and war, with one woman at the center of it all.

Genre: Western Science Fiction, Action
Length: Feature

Awards –
Written Word Runner Up -“Best SciFi/ Fantasy Feature” (Action on Film, 2010)
Honorable Mention - script (Las Vegas Film Festival 2012)
Finalist / Top Ten (First Glance Screenplay Competition 2008)
Silver Medal (PAGE Screenwriting Awards 2009)
Top Ten (AAA Screenwriting Competition 2010)

Status: Script Available
Additional:  Production Packet, One Sheet, and Budget available


Director: TBD

A working-class man seeks to remake his life by pulling off the perfect armored car heist, but his getaway is ruined when he becomes a national hero.

Genre: Thriller, Action
Length: Feature

Awards –
Honorable Mention (First Glance Screenplay Competition 2009)
Honorable Mention (Big Bear Screenplay Competition 2009)
Semi-Finalist (AAA Screenplay Competition 2010)
Status: Script Available
Additional:  Production Packet, One Sheet, and Budget available


An innocent game of Truth or Dare ignites tragedy during a family vacation.
A family haunting story in a similar vein as The Conjuring or Poltergeist.


Genre: Horror, Ghost
Length: Short and/or Feature

Awards –
Semi Finalist (Eerie Film Festival 2014)


Seeing a strange woman in his photos, a photographer fears he is losing his sanity.

A combination of psychological and supernatural elements to create a mind game on the same level as Jacob’s Ladderor The Game.

Genre: Horror, Psychological
Length: Short and/or Feature

Awards –
Semi Finalist (Eerie Film Festival 2014)


When masked men terrorize a wealthy family during dinner, they find that the family isn’t what they seem.

Home invasion horror similar to You’re Next and The Purge that takes the usual tropes of the genre in a completely new direction.

Genre: Horror, Home Invasion, Suspense
Length: Short and/or Feature

Awards –
Semi Finalist (Eerie Film Festival 2014)
1st Place, Short Script Competition (California Film Awards 2015)